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  • Jeff Ehren

    Jeff Ehren

    Publications: New Day Poetry; Jeff's Television & Film Reviews; Pleading the 5th (Erotica); and Inclusion Revolution. mediumwriterjeff@gmail.com

  • Jacob Fleming

    Jacob Fleming

  • Olly Singleton

    Olly Singleton

    Writer & (nearly) Neuroscientist. Passionate about Science, Tech, Politics, and anything I have an opinion on. Deputy Opinions Editor for The Indiependent

  • Olivia May

    Olivia May

    22. Freelance writer/Student journo. Contributing writer for The Indiependent and Empoword Journos.

  • Morgan Hartley

    Morgan Hartley

  • Beth Kirkbride

    Beth Kirkbride

    The Indiependent Founder, NCTJ qualified journalist, Oxford University grad. Interested in tech, political communication & data ethics. Tweets: @BettyKirkers

  • Kristen Sinclair

    Kristen Sinclair

    Freelance writer with bylines in The Guardian, The Verge, The Indiependent, The Thin Air, Hot Press + more. Full portfolio at kristensinclair.blogspot.com

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